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Our customer models are protected, but we want to reassure you with their opinions.

PolyD is the most Private and Secure way of Industrial 3D Printing on the market and the prices, at competitive prices.

With polyD you have 3 important advantages: your 3D printing is Precise, Quick and Protected.

  1. We print your parts with HP Multi Jet Fusion technology and with SLS machines. Our materials are quality, we professionally check your files in .Step / .Stp format and the coloring of your Prototypes is UV Resistant. Your Components are robust, with limitless shapes and customizable with Variable Data.

  2. We ship all over Europe in 3/6/9 working days.

  3. Unlike all the other operators, we 3D print your Projects in the most Confidential and Safe way on the market, because we use an exclusive manufacturing process that protects your privacy: the polyD Protected Protocol.

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3D printed gear
Do you need to modify parts of processes and / or optimize production lines?
Do you offer industrial automation solutions and want to print complex and customized parts?
Are you an industrial design and 3D prototyping studio and want to create prototypes with additive printing?
Do you want to reduce shape constraints, production costs and production times?
Are you looking for a partner for 3D printing of structural production parts?
Do you need to 3D print small batch series productions precisely, efficiently and economically?