• Demo Room
  1. Touch with your hands some technical examples of what we can print in 3D: light structures, objects with no limits of shapes, design, definition in details, threads, objects in a single printing, descriptions and variable data.

    Without the aid of molds and supports.

  2. Connection channels for compressed air circuits. 3D printed model.

  3. Suction conveyor. Printed in 3D from one of our projects.

  4. Support with adjustable inclination. Defined in details.

  5. No shape limit: pump body design with integrated fittings.

  6. Toothed wheel with straight teeth. Object made with HP Multi Jet Fusion technology.

  7. Carter designed for tree cover. Modeled and printed in 3D.

  8. Double helix sprocket. Molded and printed with HP without molds and / or supports.