€ 39,99

Touch with your hands some technical examples of what we can print in 3D: light structures, objects with no limits of shapes, design, definition in details, threads, objects in a single printing, descriptions and variable data.

Without the aid of molds and supports.


Some details of mechanical components 3D printed:

lightness and resistance: like us, you can design the internal structure to lighten the overall weight of the object, with the same mechanical properties;

no limit of shape: the suction channel is shaped to show you our ability to reproduce any shape or profile;

attention to design: you can now engineer yourself in a sophisticated design. In this specific case, the fins thus designed increase the adhesion of the object to the grip;

small parts defined: the description presents the smallest details that can be made for writing, holes, pins and walls;

flexible locking modes: the quick fixing of the descriptive plate, as well as the snap lock of the box, indicate how it is possible to fix the object with a click, thanks to the processing flexibility;

male / female threads: the M8 nut screw reveals the level of precision achievable in 3D printing;

more objects in a single print:

the integrated fitting, part of the structure of the box;

the toothed wheel with straight teeth with integrated knob;

the spring limit switch, which avoids the complete exit of the rack;

descriptions and variable data: the texts and images to represent the functioning of the single objects, as well as the serialization of the parts, enrich the customization of the components.