Loctite 3DP Instant Bonder 50 gr.

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Loctite 3DP Instant Bonder
Product code: 2392053
Packaging: 1 piece
Quantity: 50 gr / pcs
Fixing time: 10 seconds
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Quick-setting cyanoacrylate one component adhesive for 3D printed components.
LOCTITE® 3DP Intant Bonder: it also glues 3D printed parts with porous or powdered materials (SLS, FDM, MJF and binder jetting) and low energy plastic materials (PP / PE).
The low viscosity allows it to penetrate and therefore strengthen the porous surfaces.
It has a fixing time of 10 seconds, beyond which it hardens immediately, without the need for gluing support brackets.
The adhesive should be used with unpainted objects.
The product consists of 1 pack of LOCTITE 3DP Instant Bonder.