Loctite 3DP Universal Bonder GI 11 gr.

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Loctite 3DP Universal Bonder GI
Product code: 2392053
Packaging: 1 piece
Quantity: 11 gr / pcs
Fixing time: <1 minute
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Cyanoacrylate / methacrylate hybrid adhesive for 3D printed components.
LOCTITE® 3DP Universal Bonder: two-component hybrid adhesive with rapid fixing at room temperature; paste and fill gap up to 5 mm.
It is suitable for fixing 3D printed plastic parts.
Resistant to humidity and temperature (up to 120 ° C).
It has a fixing time less than a minute and does not trickle.
The adhesive should be used with unpainted objects.

LOCTITE® 3DP Universal Bonder has been designed for applications where a complete polymerization of the excess adhesive is required in order to be subsequently smoothed. The gel consistency allows for accurate control of adhesive flow even on vertical surfaces.

The product consists of 1 pack of LOCTITE 3DP Universal Bonder + a 11 g / each syringe of product.